BY:  Property Company of Friends, Inc. (Profriends)

3 Bedroom Townhouse for Sale at Lancaster New City in Cavite (Chessa)

, Cavite, Imus

PER SQM ₱  6.051.200
SQM 90m2

Lancaster New City

Amenities and Facilities

  • Church of Holy Family
  • Family Courtyard
  • Function Rooms
  • Linear Park
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping at Lancaster Square
  • St. Edward Ingreated School
  • Swimming Pools


Project Features

  • Entrance Gate
  • Leighton Hall (Clubhouse)
  • Swimming pool
  • Basketball Court
  • Church of Holy family
  • Centralized Water System
  • Concrete Roads
  • Family Courtyard (for Somerset and Manchester Villages)
  • (Paid) Shuttle Service
  • Transport Terminal
  • St. Edward Integrated School


Access Routes

  • Route 1 : Through Coastal Road passing through Evangelista, Tirona Hightway, Centennial / CEPZA Road and Advincula Avenue
  • Route 2 : Via Aguinaldo Highway, passing through Patindig Araw and Bucandala Road
  • Route 3 : From SM Bacoor passing through Tirona Highway, CEPZA Road and Advincula Avenue
  • Route 4 : Through Cavitex, Passing through CEPZA Road and Advincula Avenue



  • Lancaster Estates is accessible through different modes of transportation :
  • Lancaster Shuttle - Goes around Lancaster and has drop/pick up point at Centennial Road.
  • Tricycle - Centennial to Lancaster Lancaster (vise versa) and Lancaster to Malagasang (vise versa)
  • Multi-Cab - to and from Imus proper (limited schedules)
  • Buses along Centennial Road and AAB bus terminal inside the Lancaster itself.


Below are the scheduled trip and fare matrix :


AAA Bus Trip Schedule :

5:30am - Navarro to Lawton

6:00am - Lancaster Estates to Lawton

6:00am - Navarro to Lawton

6:30am - Lancaster Estates to Lawton

6:30am - Navarro to Lawton

7:00am - Lancaster Estates to lawton

9:30am - Navarro to Lawton

10:00am - Lancaster Estates to Lawton


Afternoon Trips :

12pm - Lawton to Lancaster Estates

1:00pm - Baclaran to Lancaster / Navarro

2:30pm - Navarro to Lawton

3:00pm - Lancaster Estates to Lawton

5:30pm - Lawton to Lancaster Estates

6:00pm - Lawton to Lancaster Estates

6:45pm - Baclaran to Lancaster / Navarro

7:15pm - Baclaran to Lancaster / Navarro


Fare Matrix :

Lancaster to Lawton (vise versa) 50 pesos

Lancaster to Vito Cruz (vise versa) 45 pesos

Lancaster to Buendia (vise versa) 42 pesos

Lancaster to Baclaran (vise versa) 39 pesos

Lancaster to Tambo (vise versa) 38 pesos

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